Saturday, June 6, 2020

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun- Pauleen's Crazy Month of May Pandemic Meme, Part I

It's Saturday Night - 

time for more Genealogy Fun! 

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music here) is to:

1)  Check out Pauleen Cass's blog post, Crazy Month of May 2020 Meme: Pandemic Experiences.  

2)  Let's do the first 10 of the prompts and save the last 11 for next week.

3)  Tell us about your own pandemic experience in your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, or in a post on Facebook.  Be sure to leave a link to your work as a comment to this post and also on Pauleen's post.

4)  Thank you, Pauleen!!

1)  What are you most grateful for during this Covid-19 crisis?

I am grateful for my family, and life around me. Thankfully, none of my family members are sick currently, but my uncle had COVID-19 back in April and has recovered from it. A few of my parents' friends have been affected by this, and some have sadly passed away.

2)  What have you missed most during the full or partial lock-down?

I miss talking to friends and, not attending significant milestone events, like graduation(s) and family reunion. 

3)  Has your hobby sustained you during this time?

Yes.  I've been working on genealogy and military research, writing, and creating presentations and handouts. With all the time in the world, I haven't always taken advantage of the time being. But I have been continuing my genealogy education.

4)  What changes have you seen in your life over May 2020?

I have been doing everything remotely online. I haven't been outside very much as I use to before lockdown. My daily routine is kind of out of wack since March and eating times are too.

5)  Have you been exercising more or less?

Not sure if you consider dancing a form of exercise, but if so, yes I have. I have walked a few times over the past few months, but not as much I as I use to and should.

6)  Has the refrigerator been your friend or foe?

Food is your friend; probably all you think about everyday is food. We order online on Saturday and to pick them up on Sunday.

7)  Have you been participating in virtual gatherings with friends or family?

No, but I have attended many webinars and online weekly meetings.

8)  Have you taken up new hobbies during the lockdowns?

No new hobbies. But, I do want to get back to my crafting once stores open back up.

9)  Are you cooking or gardening more?


10)  Have you shopped more or less? Online or offline?

Before the pandemic, we had already been ordering groceries online. So, something new here. At times, there would be a need to go inside to buy items.

One of my favorite quotes: "Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day".

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  1. Sorry to hear your uncle had covid-19, but good that he has recovered. Yes, I would consider dancing as a form of exercise! We, too, do the grocery contactless pickup. I used to loved shopping in stores, but through the years, it has interested me less and less. Now, I love ordering groceries online.

    1. Thanks for your sympathy. I am too not a fan of shopping in stores. There are too many things happening at once. I wonder if many people use these services, and if so, will they continue to use this method of shopping?

  2. Thanks for joining in Lacie. How sad that your family has lost friends to the pandemic but good that your uncle has come through. I certainly think of dancing as exercise and I should do that! It seems to me there'll be some changes to many people's habits around shopping - or maybe it's only those of us who don't like doing it :)

    1. Thanks for your condolences, Pauleen. I, too, think people may their shopping habits. This experience may make people be mindful of their lifestyle. Thankfully, there are online services, in the U.S. (like Walmart & Fry's) that have pickup. I am not sure if there are any in Australia.

  3. Dancing is definitely exercise! We have some friends who had Covid and they are still not fully recovered. It sounds so nasty. Craft shops have been going gang busters here in Australia. I have been knitting furiously. That and family history have kept me sane.

    1. I hope your friends will be okay. It's great that we have hobbies to go to anytime when we are stress, worried, etc. If we didn't, we would probably be extreme bored and not be in the right state of mind.


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